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Meet the Dynamic Duo 

Robert + Patty

Robert + Patty

Patty Mitchell and Robert Lockheed are working artists and social entrepreneurs specializing in collaborations between artists with and without perceived disabilities. Exploring the process of making fine art has led Patty Mitchell and Robert Lockheed to investigate sewing, woodworking, painting, sculpture, repurposed materials and innovative approaches. The collaborations are often site-specific public art works that encourage conversation, awareness and add beauty to the larger community. Product lines, designed through the artwork, deliver employment opportunities and funding streams for continued arts programming.


As an Artist in Residence Patty Mitchell has helped organizations nationally and internationally start up arts programming ventures. Some examples: Our Town Studios, Flor de Arte, Soaring Arts Studio, Passion Works Studio, Pieces of Heart Studio, Up and Away Studio, Hope Studios, Kudos Studio, Kan Du Studio, Dream Out Loud Studio, Colores del Alma, Just Imagine Studio, AccessPoint Studios.  

Patty Mitchell received a Distinguished Alumna Award from Ohio University’s College of Fine Art, Ohioana Citation for Art and Education, Individual Artist Award from the Ohio Arts Council, Citizen of the Year from Civitan and The Keystone Award from Ohio University for outstanding community service. Patty Mitchell received her BFA and MFA from Ohio University's Fine Art Photography program.

Robert Lockheed received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Mathematics from The University of Colorado, Denver 1997. With twenty years experience as a plumber and five as the onsite engineer, during construction of professional baseball parks, his construction skills and understanding of materials support large scale and well designed projects. 

The two consult through Norwich Consulting Services working with organizations wanting to explore collaborative arts programming or advance the work of established studios. 


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