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Creative Spaces & Community Collaborations

As Artists-in-Residence, we've been invited to collaborate and create some FANTASTIC ART SPECTACLES!  We love working with lots of paint, mounds of recycled materials, buckets of papier mache goop, yards and yards of fabric, and balloons, balloons, and even more balloons!  Check out a few of our favorites:

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Honey for the Heart - Puppet Residency

Athens, Ohio | 2013

Honey for the Heart is an annual giant puppet parade that kicks off the Athens Halloween Block Party. Ohio University students and the Athens Community are invited to make larger-than-life puppets from recycled materials in a open studio.  Our team included artists-in-residence, Robert Lockheed, Wendy Minor, Patty Mitchell, Daniel Polnau and Balloon Artist Aaron “Doc” Hay.  Follow the Honey for the Heart Facebook page to stay up-to-date on our next event.

The project was sponsored by the Ohio University Learning Community Program and Arts for Ohio. Over 1,500 people visited and/or worked in the studio and hundreds of people marched in the parade.  

VSA Ohio - Alexander Elementary & High School

Albany, Ohio | 2013

Preschool special needs teacher, Beth Pettey, was dedicated to building a garden outside her classroom. Her vision included a bench, place for kids to draw and explore. She partnered with The Very Special Arts of Ohio and invited us for a two week residency. It would be a collaboration between high school and preschool students and we would build with local materials.

Driftwood from the Hocking River and lumber from a local environmentally conscious sawmill, Neidhart Mill, was collected. The preschoolers made a bunch of drawings and these were enlarged and cut out of plywood.

A studio was set up in High School Science teacher, Amy Bravermanʼs special needs classroom. The preschoolers walked over and worked side-by-side with the high school students. The elements were painted with bright colors and assembled into a bench and installed in the garden.

It was a fantastic thing witnessing the students working and supporting each other. As artists-in-residence we love the opportunity of making talent visible. We believe the students will always remember this project and be remembered as creative, talented beings. Perceptions of disability shift to expectations of ability. 

Palace of Wonder - Northern Spark Festival

Minneapolis, Minnesota | 2012

A four-week residency culminating in an all night/dusk-till-dawn Art Happening as part of the Northern Spark Festival on June 9, 2012.  

We were given a studio space across the green from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) within the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and an apartment 20 yards away from the studio! The project idea was to build a “Palace of Wonder” decorating an existing 20‘X20’ sculpture. MIA staff and community put the word out that we were interested in collecting unwanted stuff: pants, prom dresses, wood, scraps, foam, sparkly stuff that was ready/waiting for a new life! We invited the community to paint, sew and glue our way into making fabric walls and wooden towers. With each 10‘X10’ quilt section of sewing we started with thinking "Wonder what if" circles on yellow, cut up t-shirts were put on top of velvet, this was painted hot pink....then do it.

We were so grateful for all the color, abundance and opportunity. We were introduced to local artist Daniel Polnau who brought his collaborating partners/artists from the Interact Center.  Daniel also made AMAZING giant puppets for the final installation.  Additional collaborators included Dana Donatucci of the University of Minnesota's Recycling Center and members of Lifeworks.  

A HUGE Thank You to Katherine Milton for the invitation to do this project! 

Watch a behind-the-scenes video to learn more about the making of the Palace of Wonder!

Quiltzillas! - Art in the Public Sphere

Athens, Ohio | 2011

Sponsored by Ohio University School of Art Learning by doing...How to set up a community studio, being an artist-in-residence, collaboration and considering professional options. 23 students, a dedicated storefront at the local mall, donated fabric, lots of Santa Snow, plumbing pipe and foam.  

Goal: to make two 8 1/2' tall quilted dinosaurs, T-Rex and a Spinosaurus, from the Craftacious Period.

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